Gary Keclik

Leading-edge concepts have always attracted Gary. He left the architectural drafting table behind to learn CAD in its early stages. His new skill led him to investigate building failures and he realized that, if buildings were built better in the first place, many pitfalls would be avoided. Then, in 1993, he became immersed in sustainable architecture. “When you make a building sustainable, everybody wins,” Gary assures. “Architects care about how everything fits together including how our work impacts the world, and our industry needs to make ourselves more at one with nature when we build.”

In his 40 years as an architect, Gary has performed design, analysis, construction, repair, forensic investigation and rehabilitation of all building types. In 2001, he founded Keclik Architecture & Design Group in Illinois, where he offers architectural consulting, regulatory compliance, and sustainable architecture. Gary became involved with the Green Building Initiative in 1997 to help evaluate and establish the first American ANSI standard. He was instrumental in creating sustainable education and trainings for Green Globes Assessors, and Gary helped write review standards for Guiding Principles for federally owned buildings.

Gary has completed more than 100 Green Globes Assessments. He loves the variety, and he’s has been impressed that some projects have technology so new, they help inform the standard. But he’s seen even highly sophisticated clients learn through the Green Globes evaluation. “People are thrilled about the process and what they’ve learned,” he affirms. “A lot of folks don’t have time to think about how to take buildings to the next level, and I love to use my knowledge to pull group members together, build new cohesiveness, and raise their approach to sustainability.”