Eric Truelove


Raised in the Connecticut suburbs during the 1960s, Eric says much of the U.S. was an environmental disaster zone. “Life Magazine called the Connecticut River ‘best landscaped sewer in America.’ This was a place where my family used to picnic,” Eric recalls. “Every year, men would come and spray the trees on our street with insecticide using a big fire hose connected to a truck. I could see that the frogs and toads were disappearing. It felt like we were living in a dead zone.” Combined with seeing cities completely blanketed in smog, these memories made a lifelong impression on Eric.

With 30 years of professional experience focused on energy savings, Eric is a registered engineer in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Arizona. His strong background in energy studies placed him at the premier meeting of national sustainability in 1994. Eric served as the Director of Sustainable Design in two different firms before becoming the Principal of his own company: Green Building Resources LLC in Wisconsin.

A conservative engineer always looking for results, Eric became impressed with Green Globes because he immediately saw the benefits of having a person come onsite to see what the team had done. He has provided Assessments in New Construction, Core and Shell, Sustainable Interiors, Existing Buildings, and the federal Guiding Principles. As an assessor, Eric enjoys bringing all the available science to people who are ready to learn about it. “I like providing really good value with a personal touch,” Eric says. “Not everyone is conversant in green building and we assessors make it very accessible. Being able to be part of a solution is rewarding, and I learn new things every day.”