Green Globes Project of the Year

The Green Globes Project of the Year recognizes excellence in sustainable, healthy, and resilient design and construction and/or operation. Project teams identify creative sustainability features that improve the building’s functionality, longevity, and value, clearly demonstrate sustainability goals, integrate innovative technologies and practices, remove barriers, and effectively communicate features and practices to encourage tenant participation. The Green Globes Project of the Year has achieved a Three or Four Green Globes rating under any Green Globes certification program.

Specialty Awards

Energy Excellence

The Energy Excellence award recognizes highly efficient design and operation of major systems, implementation of renewable energy sources , and encouragement of occupant participation. Recipients promote energy efficiency through creative strategies, overcome geographical obstacles, and commit to tracking progress and improving performance.

Annex of Bozeman | Bozeman, Montana
Two Green Globes | Multifamily for New Construction

Leadership in Core & Shell

The Leadership in Core & Shell award recognizes outside the “box” thinking. Recipients identify innovative opportunities for conversions, demonstrate leadership in site selection and enhancement, implement efficient and/or renewable energy sources, and set tenants up for success.

Fisher Industrial Park – North Building | Fairfield, Ohio
Three Green Globes | Core & Shell

Adaptive Reuse & Revitalization

The Adaptive Reuse & Revitalization award recognizes creativity, innovation, and awareness of community needs for a conversion project. Rather than starting from scratch, adaptive reuse and revitalization gives new life to entire communities using a sustainable approach while honoring a building’s past.

Dr. Vince Clinical Research Facility | Overland Park, Kansas
Two Green Globes | New Construction

Carbon Reduction

The Carbon Reduction award recognizes leadership in minimizing greenhouse gas emissions through strategies that encompass life cycle thinking and decision-making. Recipients demonstrate the use of innovative carbon reduction strategies and complete frequent emissions measurement.

Oak Brook Commons Medical Office Building | Oak Brook, Illinois
Two Green Globes | Core & Shell

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