Green Globes® + GRESB

GBI’s Green Globes® Supports ESG Reporting and Raises GRESB Rankings

GBI’s Green Globes is recognized for full credit for green building certifications under GRESB, the global ESG benchmark for real estate assets.

GBI is proud to be an industry partner of GRESB, the leading international assessment and benchmarking tool for the sustainability performance of real estate assets.

GRESB, or the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark, assesses sustainability performance by analyzing asset-level data such as stakeholder engagement, green building certification, and automatic asset categorization.

Green Globes certification program offers a comprehensive 3-in-1 assessment that validates environmental sustainability, health and wellness, and resilience of new and existing buildings. Certifying a portfolio with Green Globes will positively impact a company’s GRESB ranking.

As with all ESG initiatives, there’s a strong business case for designing, constructing and operating green buildings. In addition to lowering energy costs and improving the health and wellness of occupants, sustainable buildings can provide a powerful investor draw—and research shows that investors are increasingly relying on ESG metrics (including GRESB scores) to assess investment opportunities.

GBI provides services to support companies in establishing and integrating green building certifications and ESG within their portfolio planning efforts.



Reduce energy and carbon emissions toward net zero

Increase water efficiency

Enhance sites and protect habitats

Choose low impact materials

Address climate resilience

Improve IEQ, health, and wellness

Minimize and work toward zero waste

Implement ESG policies



Cultivate diversity, equity, and inclusion

Support openness, consensus, stakeholder engagement, and due process

Invest in community access, improvement, and engagement

Promote and assess health, safety, and satisfaction

Evaluate supplier impact on human rights, labor standards, and working conditions

Forge partnerships for social benefit



Emphasize ethical behaviors

Implement conflict of interest policies and ensure compliance

Ensure stakeholder rights

Assess climate risk

Protect data and privacy

Disclose compensation strategies

Create accountability for public commitments

Provide transparent reporting

Putting Green Globes and GRESB Together

GRESB’s automated scoring model contains 100 points and is structured into three components – Management, Performance, and Development – with each broken down into subcategories. Many of the environmental objectives covered in GRESB’s assessment are supported and improved by achieving a green building certification. For instance, Green Globes helps lower energy and water bills, reduce emissions, optimize health and wellness benefits for occupants and minimize waste. All Green Globes rating systems and protocols, including Existing Buildings, New Construction, Core & Shell, Multifamily, and Sustainable Interiors for leased spaces count toward your GRESB ESG reporting.


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