Glenn Haydu


In 2006, Glenn worked on an eye-opening project: an office building pursuing the highest green building certification available at the time. As an architect, Glenn had always wanted to positively influence a building’s surroundings through design, but this project kicked off a change in his mindset. “It got me thinking about an integrated process, materials, saving energy, and making a great place for employees and visitors,” Glenn remembers. “I had new thoughts about building impacts and learned that a lot of little changes can make a big difference.”

Glenn is a licensed architect in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. Over his 25-year career, he’s spent 13 years as a Principal at Minno & Wasko Architects and Planners in New Jersey until he decided to scale back his time and became the firm’s Director of Sustainability. Now, he shows clients how to effect green building changes without adding even 1% of construction costs on urban projects.

Constantly challenging himself to stay fresh on best practices in sustainable design, Glenn was drawn to Green Globes and became an assessor in 2010. The experience has had a tremendous influence on him, and he brings the lessons he learns back to his staff to help make the firm’s projects better. He likes to share his knowledge base with Green Globes customers and offer suggestions for them to consider. “Green Globes clients feel like I’m part of the team,” Glenn affirms. “I help them see that sustainable design doesn’t have to cost more or take more time. It’s about making the right decisions at the right time and understanding how those decisions relate to each other.”