Green Globes Certification Recognized in City of Delray Beach’s Newly Enacted Green Building Ordinance

Portland, Ore.— The Green Building Initiative (GBI) applauds the City of Delray Beach, Fla., for their Green Building Ordinance, which took effect on November 1 and is intended to promote sustainable development.

The ordinance applies to all buildings 15,000 square feet or larger, including city buildings. Developers applying for a building permit will need certification from one of the four certification programs listed, including Green Globes, Florida Green Building Coalition, National Green Building Standard, and LEED. 

Delray Beach City Manager Terrence Moore shared in a press release, “We believe the new Green Building Ordinance will provide lasting benefits for our residents and stakeholders and greatly improve their quality of life.” Moore also shared, “Green buildings operate more efficiently, save owners money, and provide a healthier indoor environment.”

GBI has certified nearly 40 million square feet of commercial and multifamily real estate with Green Globes in the state of Florida and over 600 million square feet globally. “GBI supports the City of Delray Beach’s comprehensive sustainability goals and promotion of an open certification market for building owners,” said Vicki Worden, GBI President and CEO. “The State of Florida faces unique climatic challenges and GBI’s Green Globes certification supports evaluation of climate resilience issues amid holistic sustainability objectives that can contribute to protecting Florida communities.”

GBI’s reputation for excellence has been earned by applying a tailored approach to certification. Green Globes is a science based whole building certification improves the sustainability, health, and resilience of commercial real estate with an emphasis on rigor over rigidity. GBI pairs project teams with highly qualified third-party assessors from the earliest stages of their efforts through onsite assessment and walk-through and delivery of a customized final certification report. All assessors have significant experience in the design and operation of sustainable buildings. GBI’s Green Globes interactive software allows building owners to monitor and compare performance for individual buildings or across portfolios.

GBI is pleased to offer education and support to interested A/E/C firms, sustainability consultants and building owners pursuing Green Globes certification. Please contact to schedule a meeting or presentation.