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Green Globes Certification Tops 500 Million Square Feet

IDS Center in Minneapolis achieves GBI’s Three Green Globes; GBI’s reaches half a billion total square feet of certified commercial building space. Portland, Ore. – The IDS Center in Minneapolis was awarded the Green Building Initiative’s (GBI’s) Three Green Globes certification achievement on June 21, 2022, bringing GBI’s total commercial square feet certified to more than 500 million. ...

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GBI’s Green Globes Certification Recognized Under Hawaii’s State of Environmental Standards

Portland, Ore. – The Green Building Initiative, Inc. (GBI) is pleased to announce the inclusion of Green Globes certification in Hawaii’s State of Environmental Standards. The standard, developed to incentivize energy efficiency, requires every state agency building be designed and constructed to meet Two Green Globes, LEED Silver, or other state-approved certification system. “GBI applauds the State of ...

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Our Thoughts in a Time of National Reflection on Equality and Racism

We are deeply saddened by the repetitive deaths that have greatly amplified the cries of racial disparity in our nation. We are committed to being part of the work that needs to be done to become the nation we envision that embraces diversity as its greatest strength. In our industry, we design, we build, we learn, ...

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​GBI Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

ARTICLE I. GBI COMMITMENT TO DEIB GBI believes that diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) are critical to a welcoming, effective, and successful organization. Our vision – sustainable, healthy, and resilient buildings for all – and our mission – to reduce climate impacts by improving the built environment – are intrinsically tied to living our DEIB Commitment. GBI's mission-critical ...

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​GBI Names VA Boston Healthcare System Research Service 2021 Green Globes Project of the Year

GBI announces the 2021 Green Globes Project of the Year, Runner Up, and Honorable Mentions in Virtual Awards Ceremony on Earth Day 2022. Portland, Ore. – The Green Building Initiative (GBI) announced the VA Boston Healthcare System Research Service as the 2021 Green Globes Project of the year in a virtual awards ceremony on Friday, April ...

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GBI’s Green Globes® Certification Named in Fairfax County’s Green Building Recognition Program

     Portland, Ore. – The Green Building Initiative, Inc. (GBI) is pleased to announce the inclusion of Green Globes® certification in Fairfax County, Virginia's Green Building Recognition Program. Launched by the Department of Land Development Services (LDS), this voluntary program recognizes designers and contractors who include sustainability elements into new construction commercial and residential projects. GBI’s ...

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