CBS’s America ByDesign Collaborates with Green Building Initiative (GBI) & Green Globes

GBI is now accepting submissions for a project spotlight on the design show’s second season. 

MEDIA CONTACT  | Megan Baker, Associate VP, Engagement,, (971) 256-7174 

Portland, Ore. – The Green Building Initiative is pleased to announce that its President & CEO, Vicki Worden will serve on a prestigious panel of judges for the 2023 ByDesign: Architecture television series. GBI has been invited to nominate U.S. Green Globes-certified projects for the opportunity to clinch a top 10 spot and be featured in the series’ design competition. This marks GBI’s second year of partnership with ByDesign. America ByDesign Season 2 will feature U.S. projects and will stream on the CBS News app and broadcast on CBS this coming fall and winter. Judges are tasked with evaluating unique and outstanding architectural building projects around the country. 

Interested project teams with Green Globes-certified buildings are encouraged to apply. GBI is also currently accepting submissions for its annual Green Globes Project of the Year Awards, which recognizes Green Globes projects certified in 2022 for exceptional design and/or operational performance. Projects submitted for consideration for the Green Globes Project of the Year Awards will also be considered for submission to America ByDesign Season 2. The deadline to submit for America ByDesign and/or Green Globes Project of the Year is March 17.

“The America ByDesign: Architecture series allows GBI to highlight the design and sustainable, healthy & resilient elements of incredible Green Globes-certified buildings,” said Vicki Worden. “We value the occasion to demonstrate the importance of sustainability and collaborate with the design community to reduce climate impacts by improving the built environment. 

Project teams will be notified of selections for both America ByDesign and the Green Globes Projects of the Year in early April. GBI will host a virtual award ceremony for Green Globes Project of the Year Awards on April 19th, during Earth Week. Questions pertaining to each competition should be directed to