Green Globes Journey to Net Zero Certification

GBI’s Green Globes Journey to Net Zero™ certification advances decarbonization in the global built environment by empowering all commercial real estate owners to evaluate performance and implement impactful change.

As you progress along your Journey to Net Zero, GBI provides recognition opportunities to help you tell your story, starting when you can demonstrate at least a 50% reduction in either site EUI or CO2e. The program encourages all building owners – whether just getting started or having made significant progress – to evaluate and report on their journey, ensuring transparency. Certification is achieved when a building demonstrates 100% reduction in one of the measures. 

GBI meets all building owners where they are and guides them through a transparent process to incorporate design, operations, and renewable energy strategies to reach net zero. Though it’s ultimately about the destination, the journey is just as important.

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Green Globes Journey to Net Zero Certification Progression

Journey to NZ Energy (% reduction in site EUI) / Journey to NZ Carbon (% reduction in CO2e)

Program Benefits

Green Globes Net Zero Calculator

Leverages rigorous carbon accounting principles to identify site EUI and CO2e percent reductions against baseline.

Green Globes Net Zero Assessment

Collaborative and transparent process to assess achievements in reducing energy requirements and carbon impacts.

GBI’s Renowned Support

Dedicated GBI project manager, third-party assessor, and collaborative assessment process.

Progress Report

Demonstrates detailed breakdown of data boundaries and where percent reductions and improvements were achieved for transparent reporting to stakeholders.


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