Green Globes for New Construction


GBI’s Green Globes® for New Construction (NC) evaluates environmental sustainability, health & wellness of future tenants, and resilience of new construction and major renovation projects through the latest science, research, and alignments with technical advancements.

The user-friendly online questionnaire and integrated Green Globes assessment process enable project teams to:

  • Consider options for environmental improvements during the design and delivery process
  • Evaluate and rate the benefits of different design scenarios
  • Monitor the performance of an individual building or compare performance among portfolio properties

Green Globes NC encourages design, construction, and sustainability professionals to assess opportunities for energy savings, to reduce environmental impacts, and lower future maintenance costs. Green Globes NC is the only environmental rating system that provides early feedback on your process – before you make critical final decisions. This is a proven method for saving time and money through integrated design and delivery, while benefiting from a cost-effective third-party assessment and certification process.

Green Globes for New Construction 2021 is the implementation of a consensus-based ANSI standard (ANSI/GBI 01-2021: Green Globes Assessment Protocol for Design, New Construction, and Major Renovations) that drives innovation in sustainability, promotes a healthy and safe environment for tenants, and encourages life cycle thinking from project conception.


“After the first year, we were 34% more efficient than a comparable building and that has increased in efficiency every year. We’re committed to continuing to get better. Next year, we will re-certify with GBI and try to reach Four Green Globes. I’m a big believer.”

– Debbie Shock, Director of Operations and Facilities with the Clinton Foundation

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