Green Globes Multifamily for Existing Buildings Protocols

GBI’s Green Globes® Multifamily for Existing Buildings (MF EB) provides a certification option that meets the needs of owners and project teams with multifamily projects pursuing financial incentives.

GBI offers two multifamily protocols for existing buildings:

  • Green Globes Multifamily for Existing Buildings requires building teams achieve 15% energy savings.
  • Green Globes Multifamily Performance Plus for Existing Buildings requires building teams achieve 20% energy savings and 15% water savings.

The GBI team is available to offer guidance, provide clarification and deliver feedback throughout the certification process. We offer step-by-step instructions for lenders, financial institutions, and first-time certification teams as well as individualized support to help your team be successful.

Green Globes Multifamily for EB includes:

  • Minimum requirements for energy efficiency that ensure resource conservation in an occupied space
  • Flexibility and multiple pathways to success
  • A question set that prompts users to think critically about their project and establish a baseline for improvement
  • Site assessment providing assurance of certification claims
  • Protocol Guidance documents identify criteria that are likely to be non-applicable for multifamily projects, streamlining the assessment process

“Because Fannie Mae recognizes Green Globes Multifamily certifications, we were able to rate-lock at a lower mortgage rate for our investors.”

– Ryan Gray, Senior Vice President of Investments, Carter Multifamily

Green Globes Multifamily for Existing Buildings
Minimum Requirements

Projects must achieve all minimum requirements for their respective protocols. In addition, projects must also achieve a minimum of 35% of the applicable points in the Green Globes Multifamily for EB protocol. Minimum Requirements must be met to be eligible for the program but are separate from the criteria in the assessment. Points are awarded for criteria within the Green Globes questionnaire, not for meeting the minimum Requirements.


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