Green Globes for Core & Shell Protocol


GBI’s Green Globes® for Core & Shell (CS) protocol aids architects, tenants, construction professionals, and owners in evaluating, quantifying, and improving the sustainability of projects limited to the core and shell of a building. Green Globes CS identifies criteria that may be Not Applicable (N/A) to their warehouse, distribution center, retail space or other core and shell project, which allows the project teams to focus on sustainable initiatives that do apply.

The user-friendly online questionnaire and integrated Green Globes assessment process enable project teams to:

  • Consider options for environmental improvements during the design and delivery process
  • Evaluate and rate the benefits of different design scenarios
  • Monitor the performance of an individual building or compare performance among portfolio properties

Green Globes CS is the only environmental rating system that provides feedback early in the process – before you make critical final decisions. This is a proven method for taking advantage of time and cost-saving opportunities through integrated design and delivery, while benefiting from a cost-effective third-party Green Globes CS assessment process.


“Addressing your project from a sustainable standpoint and validating it through Green Globes is something I would recommend to both clients and other professionals. It’s useful to have your philosophy truly measured.”

– Dennis Greeno, Principal, OZ Architects

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