Gerry Massey


Anything we humans can do to minimize our impact on Planet Earth is going to enable current and future generations to carry on in preserving and encouraging regeneration of our life-giving planet.  Nature will bounce back from environmental destruction if given half a chance.  GBI’s Green Globes encourages project teams and clients to think about how their buildings can be designed, built, and operated with energy efficiency and low environmental impact in mind from project conception through facility operation.

As an early advocate of passive house technology and the search for alternate forms of energy, Gerry started her career by pursuing her degree in Environmental Engineering, a course of study that included a solar energy option.  Since solar was still in its infancy at that time, her career trajectory centered on building HVAC systems, one of the largest consumers of energy in buildings.  Work in energy modeling was a passion and helped to inform more efficient HVAC system designs during her time as a design engineer.  Moving on from design, Gerry concentrated on systems commissioning, helping to transform an efficient system design into an efficiently operating system after construction.

The Green Globes criteria and assessment process is educational and collaborative and encourages clients to incorporate sustainable and energy-efficient strategies in their project. The Green Globes rating system is an excellent way to reveal many strategies for project teams to implement to improve a building and its systems, moving them to a more energy efficient and sustainable reality.

As a Green Globes Assessor, Gerry assists project teams in the pursuit of better buildings and systems.  She is a willing participant in helping the teams research the nuances of available credits to help teams tailor their design towards sustainability while being cognizant of potential limited budgets.  She is available to answer questions and intercede for the client to help them achieve the most beneficial credits possible within the budgetary constraints (…and maybe even stretch the limits of their project design to help heal our planet).