Green Globes NC

This free guide provides detailed information on each credit within Green Globes for New Construction. The NC tech manual helps users interpret criteria, apply standards, and supply appropriate supporting documentation.

This Excel worksheet provides project teams with: 1) an overview of the assessment process, 2) an itemized list of the criteria 3) a method to track team assignments and intentions to seek credit, and 4) a place to identify supporting documentation for each credit sought.

This document is an example of our Green Globes for New Construction Survey.

This document is a sample of what a completed NC survey will look like.

This document provides a summary of the areas assessed and associated maximum points available under the Green Globes for New Construction program. Each area contains more specific criteria, which are scored within the online survey.

This document is an overview of hours necessary to complete Green Globes for New Construction certification.

This PDF is a two page marketing overview of the Green Globes for New Construction tool. This PDF can be downloaded and printed for you to provide to your stakeholders and potential clients.

Division 01 Specifications for Green Globes NC (2013) are available through MasterSpec at (Issue Date: 6/14; Section Number: 018113.53; Section Title: Sustainable Design Requirements - Green Globes)

Green Globes Core and Shell Protocol Guidance

Green Globes Core and Shell Pre-Assessment Checklist download

Green Globes Core and Shell Project Checklist download