RECORDED: Pandemic Lessons for Building Redesign and Retrofit

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Vicki Worden, President & CEO, GBI (Moderator)

Rich Mitchell, MACKENZIE

Mike DeRouin, FitzGerald Associates Architects

Jane Rohde, JSR Associates


1.5 hour AIA | HSW Credit

Course Description

As we return to work, school, and interact with others, buildings will require redesign and retrofits to ensure safe and healthy environments. We are learning more about the transmission of COVID-19 and developing approaches to allow for hybrid working and learning environment. Different types of buildings will require different types of redesign, depending on the building’s location and use. Join GBI for an expert panel led webinar to understand various redesign and retrofit strategies for office spaces, multifamily buildings, long term care facilities and K-12 schools. Attendees will learn about emerging and existing design trends and best practices which will be directly applicable after a long period of virtual working and learning. This webinar will consist of brief presentations by each panelist, followed by an audience led Question & Answer session. A briefing packet with follow up resources will be made available to all registrants.

Learning Objectives

1. Recognize that COVID-19 has affected the way we work, live, and learn. Understand what design and retrofits are being considered by leaders in fields influencing offices, multifamily, and long-term care

2. Learn what health, safety, and wellness measures are considered most relevant for each building type

3. Recall what social interaction redesigns are being considered to help support hybrid environments where spaces must support multiple people accomplishing different things

4. Understand that the building design can directly affect occupants’ health and safety by promoting private spaces, touch-less technology, and cleaning and disinfection, among others

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▪ The test is open book.
▪ You may retake the exam if you do not pass.
▪ You will not receive an online score upon completion. GBI will provide email notification of your exam results.
▪ If you achieve a passing score, GBI will email a certificate of completion and report 1.5 LU | HSW AIA (if applicable)

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