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All is Bright (with LEDs) this Holiday Season

Ready or not, the holiday season is right around the corner. My porch is decorated with pumpkins and witch hats, and my neighbor has tiny orange lights that adorn her banister leading to the front door. Evidence of Halloween and Autumn, even in the ever-humid Southeast, is everywhere I turn. But for those of us who ...

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Rigorous Not Rigid – Tips for a Smooth Green Globes Assessment

The process for achieving sustainability certification does not need to be cumbersome. The primary focus for building owners, property managers, design teams, and others pursuing certification should be maximizing the sustainability, health & wellness, and resilience of their building or portfolio. The certification process itself should integrate seamlessly with building design or management, encourage ongoing ...

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Journey to the Destination: Getting to Net Zero

September 21 marks Zero Emissions Day 2023 and reminds us to do our part toward the global objective of a planet untarnished by emissions from fossil fuels. Fortunately, for many companies, sustainability has become a core part of their business plan and is layered into their day-to-day operations and objectives. While many are up to ...

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