Vicki Worden

Vicki Worden is the President & CEO of the Green Building Initiative, a nonprofit organization dedicated to making buildings healthy places to live and work while reducing their impacts on the environment.

GBI makes aspirational goals achievable through user-friendly tools built upon comprehensive standards and supported by outstanding staff and expert assessors. GBI has third-party certified thousands of buildings across North America. Its Green Globes and Guiding Principles Compliance programs support every building situation from individual buildings with sole owners through some of the largest corporate and government portfolio owners in the world, including the Departments of Defense in both the United States and Canada.

Before taking the helm of GBI, Worden served as President of Worden Associates, Inc., a consulting firm, from 2005 to 2015 where she progressed sustainability goals in sectors that included government agencies and international non-profits. Her firm consulted on a diverse group of industries such as solar, wind, parking, furniture, mattress, composites, wood products, and rainwater harvesting.

Worden has previously served as the chair of the National Institute of Building Sciences Consultative Council, was a judge of the White House ‘Closing the Circle’ Awards, and served as the President of the Maine Women’s Network. She is an accomplished public affairs and association management professional holding an MBA from Loyola University in Maryland and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from West Chester University. She also earned the Institute for Organizational Management (IOM) credential from the United States Chamber of Commerce.

Worden moved from the Washington, DC, area to Camden, Maine in 2006 and brought her appreciation for remote working to GBI in 2015. GBI operates 100% remotely with staff and contractors throughout the United States and Canada and benefits from the volunteer time of its 700+ members and subject matter experts.