Sara Rademacher

As Vice President of Programs & Operations, Sara Rademacher drives development of GBI’s ANSI Standards and delivery of its programs and services worldwide. She is a skilled relationship builder, fostering GBI’s continued growth in the US and Canada and its global expansion into Central & South America, Europe, the Middle East, and beyond. Sara joined GBI as a Client Services Manager in 2017 and, through the years, her signature leadership and problem-solving abilities have contributed significantly to GBI’s reputation for exceptional client experiences. She has served in multiple roles on the programs and services team and rose to the VP role in October 2023.

Sara’s involvement with Standards development predates her employment at GBI, as she managed the consensus process for GBI’s first ANSI Standard (ANSI/GBI 01-2010) in the late 2000s. Her aptitude for managing complex teams and inspiring collaboration both within GBI and the larger community have ensured that GBI’s new tools and programs satisfy both business and stakeholder needs.

Before joining GBI, Sara managed education and customer support for a business consulting and technology services organization. She also has experience in government affairs, financial services, and education. Sara holds a BA in Economics from St. Michael’s College and resides with her family in mid-coast Maine.