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“I became convinced through experience that Green Globes is an excellent and thorough rating system that covers design, building and the operation of new construction. One of the reasons the university I worked with choose Green Globes was its transparency. Information is easily shared and you don’t have to guess how well your project is doing along the way.” – Barbara A. W.Clarke, Director of Sustainability, JL architects, AIA, LEED AP, Green Globes Professional


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Play an important role in making buildings more energy-efficient, healthy, and environmentally sustainable places to live and work by becoming a Green Globes Professional TM, Green Globes AssessorTM or Green Globes Guiding Principles Compliance ProfessionalTM. Our trained professional network supports the growth of green building certifications and increases national awareness of green building best practices.


The Green Globes Emerging Professional (GGEP) program is designed for college students pursuing a design, engineering, and/or sustainability degree, although students in any discipline are welcome. GGEP candidates may also be architects, engineers, or sustainability professionals early in their career who do not have the 5 years of experience required to become a Green Globes Professional (GGP). For more information on becoming a GGEP click here.

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Trained specifically in the Green Globes® building assessment and certification process, certified GGPs are qualified industry professionals ready to share their insights. Professionals seeking the GGP designation need at least five years of experience in the design and construction phases of green buildings in the commercial, educational, industrial or healthcare sectors. For more information on becoming a GGP click here.



Certified GGAs are technical experts in the areas of sustainable design, construction, energy and facility management. Each GGA must complete an extensive training process to qualify as a GGA. Once the designation is earned, GBI contracts GGAs to perform independent third-party assessments for prospective Green Globes building projects. For more information on becoming a GGA click here.

Federal Guiding Principles Compliance Professional  


Intended for experienced building industry professionals who work with the federal government, this professional designation positions you as an expert in the Guiding Principles Compliance (GPC) sustainable building rating system. Certified GPCPs may offer their services as consultants and project managers on GPC building assessments to help federal clients make their buildings more compliant with green regulations. For more information on becoming a GPCP click here.

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