Virginia Implements High Performance Buildings Act for New Construction & Renovation

Green Globes® listed as a “High performance building certification program” under Virginia’s HB 2001, signed by Governor Northam on March 31, 2021

Portland, Ore. – The Green Building Initiative (GBI) is pleased to announce the inclusion of Green Globes in Virginia’s High Performance Building Act, sponsored by Delegate Dan Helmer (D-40th District) and signed by Governor Northam on March 31, 2021. Under the policy, any executive branch agency or institution entering the design phase for the construction of new building greater than 5,000 gross square feet, or the renovation of a building where the renovation cost exceeds 50% of the building value shall certify with either Green Globes or LEED. Additionally, buildings must offer sufficient electric charging infrastructure and include features that permit the agency or institution to measure the building’s energy efficiency and carbon emissions. Agencies are required to report to the Governor the energy efficiency and carbon emissions metrics for each building built or renovated annually. Energy and carbon metric benchmarking data for any building built or renovated in prior years must also be reported.

GBI has certified nearly 400 million square feet in the U.S. and Canada with Green Globes. There are 68 Green Globes certified buildings in the Commonwealth of Virginia and 19 buildings that are currently pursuing Green Globes certification, including multifamily properties, laboratories, warehouses, an outpatient medical clinic, a retail store, and an office building. “GBI has worked closely with a number of project teams on Green Globes certification and Guiding Principles Compliance verification in Virginia over the years. We applaud the inclusion of Green Globes in the Commonwealth’s High Performance Building Act, which provides building owners with certification options to meet sustainability goals and requirements,” said Vicki Worden, GBI President & CEO. “The adaptability of the Green Globes system is proven to be effective and efficient for certifying all types of commercial and multifamily buildings regardless of size, budget, or function.”

GBI’s reputation for excellence has been earned by applying a tailored approach to certification. GBI’s approach pairs highly qualified third-party assessors’ significant expertise in the design and operations of sustainable building with project teams from the earliest stages of their efforts right through an onsite assessment and walk through of the buildings and delivery of a customized final certification report.

GBI is pleased to offer education and support to interested A/E/C firms, sustainability consultants, and building owners pursuing Green Globes certification. Please contact to schedule a meeting or presentation.

To view the High Performance Buildings Act, click here:

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