Green Globes Certification for EV Manufacturing Facilities Included in Illinois REV Act

GBI’s Green Globes Certification for EV Manufacturing Facilities Included in Illinois Reimagining Electric Vehicles Act

Portland, Ore. – The Green Building Initiative, Inc. (GBI) applauds Illinois Governor JB Pritzker’s November signing of the Reimagining Electrical Vehicles Act (or “REV Act”) into law.

The REV Act is targeted to reduce carbon emissions by strengthening incentives for the production and sale of electric vehicles in Illinois. Included in the Act are tax incentives for power supply equipment manufacturers that meet certain sustainability requirements.

GBI is an international organization dedicated to reducing climate impacts by improving the built environment. Under the REV Act, electric vehicle manufacturing facilities that receive GBI’s Green Globes® for New Construction or Green Globes® for Existing Buildings certifications can qualify for REV Illinois Credits or REV Construction Jobs Credits. These credits offset project costs associated with wages and job creation.

In order to meet eligibility requirements, projects must meet all REV Program criteria. Additionally, applicants must also demonstrate to the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) within 24 months of a facility being placed in service that the facility is either carbon neutral or has attained certification under an approved green building standard including Green Globes.

“GBI’s Green Globes certification directly supports the intentions of Illinois’ REV Program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions with heavy emphasis on reducing energy and water consumption at facilities,” said Vicki Worden, GBI President & CEO. “We look forward to supporting this effort to put more EV options into the market and to do so responsibly with attention paid to manufacturing and upstream emissions potential in Illinois.”

The Green Globes’ Energy Environmental Assessment area also credits infrastructure that promotes electric vehicle use and renewable energy sources. GBI has certified nearly half a billion square feet of facility space in North American and more than 30 million of that space is within Illinois. An additional 10 million square feet of commercial and multifamily space is also in progress toward Green Globes certification in Illinois.

GBI is pleased to offer education and support to interested A/E/C firms, sustainability consultants, and owners of EV manufacturing facilities pursuing Green Globes certification. Please contact to schedule a meeting or presentation.

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