GBI Releases Minimum Requirement Updates and Formalizes Existing Requirements for Green Globes Certification

Projects registering after July 1, 2024, must meet these updated minimum requirements. Green Globes NC 2013 sunsets on June 30, 2024.

Portland, Ore., June 10, 2024 – The Green Building Initiative (GBI) has released updates to Minimum Requirements for Green Globes for New Construction (NC) and Existing Buildings (EB) certification following two public input periods. These updated requirements will take effect for projects registering on or after July 1, 2024. The updated minimum requirements ensure robust standards and alignment with local and federal requirements while incentivizing building owners to strive towards GBI’s vision of sustainable, healthy, and resilient buildings for all.

“GBI sets minimum requirements for its assessment and certification system based on commonly valued environmental and efficiency outcomes, analysis of government policies, public input process, and benchmarking against other global rating systems,” said Vicki Worden, GBI President & CEO. “Green Globes is continually evolving with the market, delivering rigorous, yet accessible assessment programs that educate, provide third-party review of achievements, and improve the built environment.”

GBI has certified nearly 700 million square feet of commercial real estate with Green Globes certification to date. The system incorporates a range of rigorous criteria that encourage the use of design, construction, and operational practices that enhance performance, improve occupant wellness, and provide community benefit.

Green Globes can be applied to all commercial building types, regardless of size, budget, location, or function. The availability of multiple pathways for certain criteria, such as Energy Performance and Water Efficiency, ensures Green Globes applies to all commercial properties. Allowing project teams to designate criteria as non-applicable, followed by Green Globes Assessors (GGAs) review and confirmation, allows for consideration of differences in climate zone, regional requirements, asset type, and unique building features without penalizing project teams. A formal appeals process exists for final decisions by GGAs, however, extensive communication between project teams and assessors during the certification process has prevented nearly all appeals during Green Globes’ 20-year history.

Additionally, beginning on July 1, project teams will register their new, addition, and major renovation projects with Green Globes for New Construction 2021, the implementation of an American National Standard. GBI will sunset Green Globes for New Construction 2013 for new projects on June 30, 2024. Project teams with existing facilities may register under Green Globes for Existing Buildings 2023, the implementation of an American National Standard, or Green Globes for Existing Buildings 2021.

The minimum requirements for GBI rating systems are updated following the GBI public input process. To submit public input on future versions of these minimum requirements, please submit a public input form to