GBI CEO Vicki Worden on Green Globes and ESG Services

A Letter from GBI’s President & CEO

Dear GBI Community,

After months of time with little variety to our days, seemingly overnight it feels like change is upon us. From the aggressive vaccination schedule (thank you scientists and STEM programs!), to the pent-up demand in our economy, to the very public corporate commitments to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 (or 2040 in some cases), a great deal is coalescing at the same time.


Climate change is no longer a debate. Political and corporate leaders across the globe are now recognizing the importance of environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and transparent governance (ESG). The GBI team is collaborating and supporting those who are setting goals, conducting gap analyses, measuring performance, and certifying new and existing portfolios. We can help with every step of assessing and improving your portfolio toward ESG reporting.

Partnering with GBI to apply ESG concepts allows you to focus on the parts of your business that you know best. Are you trying to get buy in at the highest levels of governance for an overall ESG Strategy for your portfolio? Are struggling with rolling out a performance improvement plan? GBI’s team of experts will work with you, your governance, and your asset managers to create overall strategies and tools to support incremental improvements year-to-year. GBI’s new ESG Strategy Services will be launching officially in April, so get a jump on things and set up a call with us to see how we can partner with you to create a plan that works for your unique portfolio needs.


Green Globes for Existing Buildings (EB) 2021 can help you pursue certification over a larger portion of your portfolio. Long the tool of choice for those pursuing energy and water efficiency benchmarks for their existing buildings, this year’s update to this popular rating system is revolutionary.

Green Globes EB 2021 is a 3-in-1 certification for environmental sustainability, health and wellness, and resilience. It’s also the only rating system on the market that includes a substantial ESG Management evaluation. Green Globes is recognized as a Tier 1 Certification within GRESB. This means that all Green Globes rating systems and protocols, including EB, New Construction, Core & Shell, Multifamily, and Interiors for leased spaces count toward your GRESB ESG reporting.

GBI’s Green Globes is in high demand, driven by the fact that is the only EB rating system that provides a roadmap for improvement for any commercial building type. For our friends working with REIT fund managers as clients, Green Globes EB 2021 may be exactly what you are looking for to certify warehouse and distribution facilities, multifamily properties, offices, and any other building type in your portfolio in a cost-effective and timely way. We can demonstrate how others are using Green Globes, connect you with Green Globes Professionals (GGPs) to support your efforts, and we offer volume discounts for portfolio owners. Start with a LiveChat, email, phone call or free trial at


Word is getting around about the cost value and the ease of implementing Green Globes. The buzz is coming directly from owners and project teams who have used GBI’s tools. Driven by the collaborative third-party assessments, interactive and purpose-built software and dashboards, and GBI’s exceptional client service approach, demand for Green Globes has never been greater. Be sure to check out one of our upcoming webinars on Green Globes EB 2021 or access our 24/7 online training. We are also happy to schedule virtual lunch and learns with your team to introduce them to Green Globes.

We can’t wait to get back out there and meet you all in person. Let’s connect soon!

Take care and thank you for your commitment and for being part of our community.

Best regards,

Vicki Worden

President & CEO, GBI