GBI Announces Public Input Period for Proposed Green Globes Minimum Requirements

Portland, Ore. – The Green Building Initiative (GBI) is seeking public input on proposed minimum requirements for the following Green Globes programs: Existing Buildings 2023, New Construction 2024, Sustainable Interiors 2024, and Core & Shell 2024. The comment period begins on December 14, 2023, and will end on January 31, 2024.

GBI is updating its Green Globes’ minimum requirements to align with market needs and global environment trends. GBI sets minimum requirements for its rating systems based on commonly valued environmental and efficiency outcomes, analysis of federal, state/provincial, and local policies, public input, and benchmarking against other global rating systems. 

“Green Globes certification aligns with global, federal, local municipal, and current market trends for a sustainable, healthy, and resilient built environment,” said Vicki Worden, GBI President & CEO. “Periodically updating the minimum requirements ensures that Green Globes remains a rigorous assessment tool that supports global climate and community targets for all building types.”

Updates to the minimum requirements will maintain Green Globes’ holistic focus on sustainable, healthy, and resilient objectives for every building by increasing minimum percentages of points that must be achieved in Energy, Water, and Indoor Environment assessment areas while also increasing focus on achievements in Management (Project Management or ESG, depending on new or existing building), Site, and Materials.

GBI is seeking public input on the proposed minimum requirements for upcoming releases of the Green Globes programs. Input will be reviewed by subject matter experts following procedures found in Public Input Procedures for Non-Standards Documents. Interested parties should return their GBI Public Input Form to no later than January 31, 2024.

Please direct any questions to Emily Marx, Associate Director, Standards & Program Support, at or 503-274-0448 x103.