Guiding Principles Compliance

“Portland VA Medical Center is a stellar example of a hospital that has taken sustainability to the next level...[they are] actively working on sustainable initiatives and used innovative ideas to raise their environmental scoring within Green Globes.” – Jane Rhode, AIA, FIIDA, ACHA, AAHID, GGA Green Globes Assessor


Guiding Principles Compliance with the Least Amount of Disruption to Your Agency's Mission

The Guiding Principles Compliance Assessment Program, offered by the Green Building Initiative, is the first third-party assessment and rating program designed specifically for federal agencies to assess compliance with the federal Guiding Principles.


Green Building Initiative's program provides a simple-to-use survey, third-party assessment with detailed reports, verification of compliance, and supplemental tools to enhance and clarify the Guiding Principles Compliance Process. 


Designed to take a minimum amount of time and effort from agency personnel, the Guiding Principles Compliance Assessment Program allows you to focus on your agency's mission while also measuring progress toward compliance with the Guiding Principles.