Green Globes for Sustainable Interiors


A healthy interior environment leads to greater tenant comfort, satisfaction, and employee retention. In addition, the way occupants interact with their surroundings has an impact on mental and emotional welfare as well as efficient building operations. GBI’s Green Globes® for Sustainable Interiors (SI) provides a healthier, more productive space through a dual-pathway approach to interior build-outs, using either lifecycle assessment (LCA) or environmental product declarations (EPDs).

Green Globes for SI focuses solely on issues within the interior architect’s or interior designer’s scope of work. Certification may be pursued by building owners and individual tenants of commercial and institutional spaces who want to improve their workspace sustainability through elements within the interior design team’s domain.


“Without taking the project through certification using Green Globes, we would have never pushed ourselves quite this hard, and we would have lost a real opportunity to gain a strong return on energy savings. Certifying interiors with Green Globes is a smart investment!”

– Richard Mitchell, Managing Principal, Mackenzie

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