Green Globes: A Practical Alternative to LEED

Green Globes© is the first web-enabled, fully interactive green building assessment and certification program. It includes an on-site visit by a third-party assessor and comprehensive customer support.  A business-friendly and affordable alternative to LEED, Green Globes provides a more effective way to advance the overall environmental performance and sustainability of commercial buildings.

Program Features Green Globes LEED
Has completed an American National Standard using ANSI-approved consensus process YES NO
Nationally Accepted Program YES YES
Program Delivery Online, interactive survey Online submission of forms
1-on-1 Customer Support YES NO
New Construction Assessment YES YES
Existing Building Assessment YES YES
Core & Shell YES YES
Tenant Fitout YES YES
Total Program Points 1,000 110 plus prerequisites
Minimum Points Required for Certification
Weighted Criteria & Partial Credit (Click for more details) YES Limited
Program Prerequisites (Click for more details) NO YES
Flexibility for Non-Applicable Criteria (Click for more details) YES NO
Energy Performance (New Construction) Four pathways for assessing energy performance,
including benchmarking to Energy Star
Benchmarks against
hypothetical building model
Incorporates Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) YES YES
On-site Building Walk Through with Expert Assessor YES NO
Support from Certifying Agency Green Globes provides an experienced Assessor
who is either AIA, PE
or experienced Facility Manager
LEED assigns a non-technical support person
to help the user navigate through the LEED online system
Communication with Certifying Agency Project teams can communicate with GBI's
Chief Engineer  and Project Managers and
third-party Green Globes Assessor
LEED does not allow direct
contact with technical reviewers unless you are
in disagreement during, appeals
which occur after the "final" score is delivered
Sustainability Recommendation with Customized Reports YES NO
Certification Process Preliminary Design assessment followed
by third-party Assessor  on-site assessment
Complete and submit assessment form,
wait for results
Certification Rating System Four Green Globes
Three Green Globes
Two Green Globes
One Green Globes
LEED Platinum
LEED Silver
Certified LEED
Certification Personnel Training Program Green Globes Professional (GGP) LEED AP
Time to Complete Certification Green Globes can be completed within 
30 days of building Occupancy
Delays have been noted between  6-24 months
with added costs for appeals and interpretations
Cost to Certify a Typical Building > 100,000 sq ft $ $$$
Certification Success Rate The failure rate is negligible because
the Green Globes process is collaborative,
transparent and results driven, by way of 
online evaluations, detailed reports and
third-party Assessors
LEED failure rate is high based
on buildings that register and do not achieve certification.

Green Globes is used to certify a wide variety of building types including many that could not be certified through LEED. Examples include recreational centers, transit centers, and parking garages, to name a few. It is increasingly becoming the system of choice for building owners, managers, architects and engineers who want an alternative that offers the quickest and most understandable way to achieve superior building performance.

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