Green Globes Pricing

The cost of certifying a project with Green GlobesĀ® depends upon the building size and characteristics as well as the type of certification and assessment services chosen.  The fees can be divided into the following areas:

  • Project Registration - Registering your project gives you access to the Green Globes online system, which houses the full set of surveys required for assessment and certification.  You will complete these surveys throughout the course of your project, and your answers will be reviewed and verified by a Green Globes Assessor.
    • Green Globes for New Construction, Existing Buildings, Sustainable interiors, and Core & Shell: $1,500
    • Green Globes for Existing Buildings Healthcare: $2,000
      GBI Members receive discounted Project Registrations for all programs. Learn more about Membership here.
  • Assessor Services - Depending on your project type, a Green Globes Assessor will perform between one and three assessments in which he/she will review the responses provided within your online surveys, verify them against the project documentation, and create comprehensive reports detailing your achievements and offering recommendations for improvement.  Most Green Globes certifications require one on-site assessment and the payment of necessary assessor travel expenses.
  • Assessment & Certification - The GBI carefully reviews and approves each assessment report submitted by Green Globes Assessors prior to issuing project certification.  GBI also conducts periodic audits of Green Globes projects to ensure assessor adherence to rigorous quality standards.
  • Recognition Items - A variety of items are available for purchase to promote your project's Green Globes certification, including plaques, window decals, certificates, and banners.

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