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Green Globes for Sustainable Interiors (SI)

Positive Influence

A healthy interior environment leads to greater tenant comfort, satisfaction and employee retention. In addition, the way occupants interact with their surroundings has an impact on mental and emotional welfare as well as efficient building operations. Green Globes for Sustainable Interiors (SI) provides a healthier, more productive space through a dual-pathway approach to interior build-outs, utilizing either lifecycle assessment (LCA) or environmental product declarations (EPDs).

Relevant Approach

Green Globes SI is different. Our sustainability criteria focus solely on issues within the interior architect’s or interior designer’s scope of work. Green Globes SI certification may be pursued by building owners and individual tenants of commercial and institutional spaces who want to improve their workspace sustainability through elements within the interior design team’s domain.

Green Globes SI has no individual prerequisites. The 1,000-point scale utilizes weighted criteria where projects earn points relative to their impact on (or benefit to) the sustainability of the building. Projects are required to achieve a minimum number of points for three key performance indicators  energy efficiency, materials choices and resource consumption, and indoor environmental quality. Additional environmental assessment areas include project management, water, and emissions and other impacts.

Green Globes for Sustainable Interiors Point Allocation

  • Project Management 70 points
  • Energy 300 points
  • Water 90 points
  • Materials & Resources 250 points
  • Emissions & Other Impacts 40 points
  • Indoor Environment 250 points
        TOTAL: 1000 POINTS



  • Comprehensive environmental assessment road map
  • Best practices guidance for sustainable interiors, tenant improvements and operations
  • Evaluation of design measures that fall solely within relevant scope of work
  • Review by licensed, independent third-party assessors with extensive green building expertise


Green Globes SI builds on other major national consensus-based certification programs such as the “level” certification of the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association (BIFMA) and provides a unique benefit: a third-party assessor. The Green Globes independent assessor reviews building characteristics and project-specific documentation, and, once assigned, is available to the project team throughout the assessment and certification process. In the preliminary document review, the assessor compares the proposed designs to the assessment criteria to provide a preliminary rating, identify criteria yet to be verified, as well as offer additional sustainability recommendations. In the final assessment, the assessor travels onsite to meet with the team to review the project and answer questions, review missing documentation, and physically inspect the completed project space. Within four to six weeks after the visit, GBI will provide the assessor’s full detailed assessment report which provides the final score, rating, and recommendations for future projects.

Assessment and Certification Process

Option 1: (Recommended) Design Review and Onsite Assessment

The Green Globes for Sustainable Interiors assessment process is intended to mimic the design and construction schedule, to provide a seamless certification.

Green Globes Estimated Work Hours

The hours to complete Green Globes assessments vary based upon the project and level of user experience. The tables below provide average time frames.

Green Globes Tasks for SI (Design & Onsite) Estimated Work Hours
Project management and client meetings 6-16
Gather and assemble data for online questionnaires 5-10
Complete online questionnaires 5-14
Prepare documentation for assessor for Design Review 10-20
Prepare documentation for assessor for Onsite Assessment 4-14
Plan and attend the Onsite Assessment 4-12
Post-assessment action items: deliver additional documents, if needed, review report, and share results 4-8
Recognition 1
Total Estimated Hours 39-95 

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