Green Globes EB Pilot 2019 Pilot Overview

The Green Building Initiative (GBI) is looking for participants to pilot the revised Green Globes for Existing Buildings (EB) 2019, which has been updated using parallel content as applicable from the published ANSI/GBI 01-2019: Green Globes Assessment Protocol for Commercial Buildings.

Green Globes EB 2019 addresses ultimate performance goals for all existing buildings and includes new and/or expanded sections on Energy and Water Performance, Resilience, Health and Wellness, Cycle Renovations, Environmental Purchasing, Recycling & Waste, a new Site assessment area, and many other updates that significantly advance it beyond GBI’s current EB program.

The revised version can be used to achieve Green Globes certification in 2020, and the entirety of 2020 will be considered a pilot period for the revised Green Globes EB 2019 program.

Those interested in piloting the Green Globes EB 2019 program should contact Sara Rademacher, Senior Director of Client and Program Services,

GBI ANSI Process

Simultaneous to the pilot, GBI is seating a consensus body to review public input on the revised rating system to eventually issue it as a “pre-draft” and then “draft” Standard following GBI’s ANSI-approved consensus procedures.

Those interested in joining the GBI Consensus Body or that want to observe as an Interested Party should contact Emily Marx, Manager of Standards and Program Support, at

Green Globes EB 2019 Development

Development of Green Globes for Existing Buildings (Green Globes EB 2019) Beta content was a 2+ year endeavor that included analysis and comparison or alignment with ANSI/GBI 01-2019 Green Globes Assessment Protocol for Commercial Buildings (as applicable), the U.S. Federal Guiding Principles, and several other green building certification programs.

Sensible Solutions to Reach Your Building’s Potential

Improving the sustainability of existing buildings is critical to forging a better built environment. At the Green Building Initiative® (GBI), we realize it needs to be a manageable process that combines professional knowledge with proven science and offers education along the way. That’s why we created the Green Globes® for Existing Buildings (EB) tool as a user-friendly, web-based application with options for attaining your building’s highest potential. If you have a multifamily project, check out the  Green Globes Multifamily EB tool too! 

Using the EB assessment process enables building teams to focus on sustainability, and gives them choices when considering capital improvements or implementing of best practices.


  • Comprehensive environmental assessment road map
  • Benchmark your facility and rate the benefits of various building attributes
  • Personalized guidance for green construction and building operations’ best practices
  • Online software tools that speed and simplify the assessment process
  • Qualified assessors with green building expertise verifying project achievements on site

Standards by which to benchmark your facility and rate the benefits of various building attributes

After your team completes the questionnaire, Green Globes generates a report to help you evaluate green building best practices opportunities to save energy, reduce environmental impacts, integrate corporate goals and practices, and lower maintenance. Once you choose features and practices that make sense and you're ready for external evaluation, an expert third-party assessor visits your facility, provides guidance, recommends ways to streamline operations, and offers quality assurance throughout the process. In addition, the Green Globes Assessor can offer suggestions for future improvements as capital funds become available. This interactive approach provides the quickest and most affordable way to advance the sustainability of your existing building. 

Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility Requirements
Green Globes has no prerequisites. There are only a few eligibility requirements, ensuring that a wide variety of buildings can undergo Green Globes assessment and certification.
Eligible buildings must:
  • Be designed for occupancy
  • Have conditioned space
  • Has been occupied longer than 18 months and/or more than 12 consecutive months utility data available
  • Be at least 400 gross square feet in size

Assessment and Certification Process

The Green Globes for Existing Building assessment process includes one mandatory third-party assessment and typically completes within three to five months. 

Green Globes Estimated Work Hours

The hours to complete Green Globes assessments vary based upon the project and level of user experience. The tables below provide average time frames.

Green Globes for Existing Building Resources

For additional resources, including the Green Globes for Existing Building Technical Manual, Click Here

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