Green Globes® for Core & Shell (C&S) Protocol

Customized Guidance to Employ Green Building Best Practices

The Green Globes® for Core & Shell (C&S) protocol is a user-friendly web application that aids architects, tenants, construction professionals, and owners in evaluating, quantifying, and improving the sustainability of projects limited to the core and shell of a building. Green Globes C&S identifies criteria that may be Not Applicable (N/A) to their warehouse, distribution center, retail space or other core and shell project, which allows the project team to focus on sustainable initiatives that do apply. Using this tool provides options when considering environmental improvements during the design and delivery process, and allows project teams to evaluate and rate the benefits of different sustainable design scenarios.

The Green Globes C&S rating system provides early feedback on the process before important decisions are made. This is a proven method for taking advantage of time and cost-saving opportunities through integrated design and delivery, while benefiting from a cost-effective third-party Green Globes C&S assessment process.

Green Globes for Core & Shell is a protocol of the Green Globes for New Construction program. Therefore, the environmental assessment areas, criteria and point distributions are the same as those found in the corresponding Green Globes for New Construction version (i.e. 2013 or 2019).

Eligibility Requirements

Green Globes has no prerequisites. There are only a few eligibility requirements, ensuring that a wide variety of buildings can undergo Green Globes assessment and certification. Green Globes C&S is designed specifically for new construction limited to the core and/or shell of the building only. This includes what are commonly referred to as “cold shell” and “dark shell” projects that may not include HVAC and/or lighting as part of the project’s scope. This allows the project team to easily identify all criteria that may be Not Applicable (N/A) to their project so they may focus on sustainable initiatives that do apply.


  1. Create a GBI account and request an assessment quote.
  2. Purchase assessment, complete Green Globes online evaluation.
  3. Work with a Green Globes Assessor who will complete third-party assessments.
  4. Receive a final report containing your Green Globes rating and certificate.
  5. Order an optional plaque to demonstrate your achievement!

Green Globes for Core & Shell Resources

For additional resources, including the Green Globes for Core & Shell Protocol Guidance document, click here.