Green Globes for Core & Shell (CS)

Customized Guidance to Employ Green Building Best Practices

The Green Globes for Core & Shell (CS) protocol is a user-friendly web application that aids architects, tenants, construction professionals, and owners in evaluating, quantifying, and improving the sustainability of projects limited to the core and shell of a building. Green Globes CS identifies criteria that may be Not Applicable (N/A) to their warehouse, distribution center, retail space or other core and shell project, which allows the project team to focus on sustainable initiatives that do apply. Using this tool provides options when considering environmental improvements during the design and delivery process, and allows project teams to evaluate and rate the benefits of different sustainable design scenarios.

The Green Globes CS rating system provides early feedback on the process before important decisions are made. This is a proven method for taking advantage of time and cost-saving opportunities through integrated design and delivery, while benefiting from a cost-effective third-party Green Globes CS assessment process.


Green Globes CS utilizes weighted criteria in its recognized assessment protocol, comprehensively assessing building environmental impacts on a 1,000-point scale in seven categories. Each of these categories has an assigned number of points that quantify overall building performance–including a comprehensive approach to Energy Performance, and a practical and objective method for Life-Cycle Assessment.

The building must attain a minimum overall score of 35% to be certified.

Environmental Assessment Area Points Description
Project Management 50 Integrated Design Process, Setting Performance Goals, Environmental Management, Building Commissioning
Site 115 Ecological Impacts, Storm water Management, Landscaping, Exterior Light Pollution
Energy 390 Conservation, Demand Reduction, Metering, Measurement and Verification, Building Envelope, Lighting, HVAC Systems and Controls, Renewable Energy, Energy Efficient Transportation
Water 110 Conservation Measures, Cooling Towers, Boilers & Water Heaters, Water Intensive Process Applications, Alternate Water Sources, Metering, Irrigation
Materials & Resources 125 Building Assembly, Interior Fit-outs, Materials Re-use, Waste Reduction, Building Service Life Plan, Resource Conservation
Emissions 50 Equipment, Heating, Ozone-Depleting Refrigerant, Global Warming Issues
Indoor Environment 160 Ventilation, Source Control and Measurement, Lighting Design and Systems, Thermal Comfort, Acoustic Comfort
Total Points 1,000


  1. Create a GBI account and request an assessment quote.
  2. Purchase assessment, complete Green Globes online evaluation.
  3. Work with a Green Globes Assessor who will complete third-party assessments.
  4. Receive a final report containing your Green Globes rating and certificate.
  5. Order an optional plaque to demonstrate your achievement!