Green Globes Certification

“After the first year, we were 34% more efficient than a comparable building and that has increased in efficiency every year. We’re committed to continuing to get better. Next year, we will recertify GBI and try to reach four Globes. I’m a big believer.” – Debbie Shock, Director of Operations and Facilities with the Clinton Foundation


Better buildings, together.

Ready to make positive changes for improved building operations, occupant comfort and the climate? Green Globes identifies opportunities and provides effective tools to achieve success. A nationally recognized green rating assessment, guidance and certification program, Green Globes works with you to realize sustainability goals for new construction projects, existing buildings and interiors.   


Green Globes offers a different approach: one that provides in-depth support for improvements ideally suited to each project. Building owners and facility managers know their buildings and operations better than anyone else. We respect and leverage that knowledge with personalized assistance to produce best practices in sustainable design, construction and operations. Incorporating third-party assessors available throughout the certification process, we forge a partnership that allows experienced green building project teams to shine and reduces the learning curve for those new to green building. Green Globes Certification benefits help you:   

  •  Reduce operating costs 
  •  Qualify for tax incentives and utility rebates
  •  Meet government regulations
  •  Attract and retain employees
  •  Increase your property’s marketability

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