GBI’s Standards Committee Application


All committee members will need to participate in online polls to determine availability of virtual meetings. Committee members will be encouraged to participate in all discussion items and are permitted to make motions and vote during meetings. During quarterly and as needed meetings, committee members may be asked to weigh in and vote on the following items:

  • The creation or revising of policies such as the Code of Conduct Policy
  • Oversee the Enforcement of the Code of Conduct policy
    • Administering and reviewing written submittals and participating in hearings
  • Consensus Body Applications and Appointments
  • Consensus Body Chair Appointment
  • The development of new standards
  • The reaffirmation or withdrawal of current standards
  • The submission of standards revisions to the GBI Board of Directors
  • Overseeing the Procedural Appeals Process
    • Serving on the Appeals Panel


GBI will use the information provided in this application to assess your qualifications and interests for Standards Committee membership in accordance with GBI’s procedures.

Please note that if you are selected to join the Standards Committee, your name, title, organization, email, phone number, and city/state may be shared with other Standards Committee members.  All members are required to familiarize themselves with GBI’s procedures for standards development.

Please provide the following information. It is important to complete all fields and questions on this form, supply the additional requested information, and sign and date the application.

Part I. General Information


Part II. Participation Interest

If you are interested in actively participating on the Standards Committee, please answer questions 1-3 below. Attach a résumé or additional sheets as necessary.
Max. file size: 50 MB.

Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest Forms

You are required to submit a Code of Conduct form and Conflict of Interest form for your application to be considered. Please complete these forms prior to or immediately following application submission:

(503) 274-0448

7805 SW 40th Ave. #80010
Portland, OR 97219


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