GBI Consensus Body Membership Application

This form is to be used by an Individual or Organizational Representative requesting membership on the Consensus Body for a GBI Standard. GBI will use the information provided in this application to assess your qualifications and interests for Consensus Body membership in accordance with GBI’s procedures. Please note that if you are selected to join the Consensus Body, your name, title, organization, email, phone number, and city/state will be shared with other Consensus Body members. All Consensus Body members are required to familiarize themselves with GBI’s procedures for standards development, including responsibilities of Consensus Body members.

Part I. General Information

Voting Principle

Your Name(Required)

Voting Alternate (if applicable)


1. Representation Type

Indicate if you will represent an entity (Organization) or yourself (Individual) on the Consensus Body.(Required)

2. Entity Represented

Complete the following information on the entity (Company, Association, group or yourself) you will be representing.
Main Contact

3. Interest Category

Using the description of interest categories listed below, indicate the category that best relates to your representation.(Required)

  • Producer – a representative of a company that is engaged in the manufacture of products covered by the Standard. A consultant or agent who represents a manufacturer is considered a producer. A trade association or professional organization representing a trade or industry is considered a producer.
  • Users – a representative that is directly involved in designing, constructing or in the use or operation of environmentally preferable buildings: owners, builders, developers, architects, engineers, insurance companies, occupants, disability rights advocates, facility managers, utilities, government personnel, property management companies and building consultants.
  • General Interest – a variety of perspectives that may include academia, scientists, technical societies, consumer groups, environmental groups, testing and standards organizations, and other subject matter experts.

Part II. Funding

Who or what organization, company, interest, etc. will fund your participation on the Consensus Body? Specify names, address, telephone and contact’s title as appropriate.
Main Contact

Part III. Authority and Participation

1. Will you, as the Representative, be authorized to vote on behalf of the entity you represent? (Appropriate authorization may be required.)(Required)
2. Will you, as an Individual member or Organizational Representative, be instructed on how to vote?(Required)
3. Will you, as an Individual member or Organizational Representative, be able to participate in the full process of the Consensus Body, such as attending meetings and responding to correspondence?(Required)

Part IV. Request for Consensus Body Membership

1. Select which Consensus Bodies you have interest in(Required)
Select the subcommittee(s) you would like to serve on based on your interests and expertise.(Required)
List the relevant subcommittees if interested.
Max. file size: 50 MB.

Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest Forms

You are required to submit a Code of Conduct form and Conflict of Interest form for your application to be considered. Please complete these forms prior to or immediately following application submission:


Please contact the Secretariat directly if the Head of Department needs to authorize the applicant to represent the organization/entity:

(503) 274-0448

7805 SW 40th Ave. #80010
Portland, OR 97219


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