John Chyz, P.E., GGA, GGF, GPCF, WELL AP

J CHyz

Fond childhood memories of swimming and fishing in fresh water lakes and climbing rolling hills in his hometown north of Toronto gave John his love of the outdoors. He’s had a keen interest in environmental stewardship for as long as he can remember. “In 10th grade, we were tasked with writing a paper and I did mine on recycling,” John says. “It was stuck with me as I grew up.” John obtained a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Yale University and went to work in renewable energy resources. “I had a real passion to stay connected to sustainability,” John remarks. “I felt compelled to contribute something beneficial to the world.”

After conducting experiments on flue gasses to cultivate microalgae for biofuel products at the Natural Energy Laboratory, John Co-Founded Cirion Energy Systems and focused on grid-tied photovoltaic systems for buildings. In 2007, John moved to Florida and was the Managing Director of The Cross Creek Initiative, a non-profit industry/university joint venture with the University of Florida. He also helped develop and teach green building courses through the University of Florida TREEO Center. Currently, John is a Sustainable Design & Construction Specialist with Affiliated Engineers.

A Green Globes Assessor since 2010, John leverages his perspective honed through years of experience to help teams enhance their projects’ sustainability. He enjoys exposure to the diverse strategies and innovative approaches he’s seen the teams devise. In addition, the Green Building Initiative’s mission aligns with his personal philosophy. “Green Globes offer a more purist path and truthful approach toward green building rating systems,” he says. “Teams can design and deliver a sustainable building that can be qualified and quantified through a process that’s easy to work with and supportive.”