GBI expands membership, training, and support for Green Globes in Canada


GBI recently acquired the global rights to Green Globes. This action supports GBI’s mission to accelerate the adoption of green building best practices in the built environment.

On July 1, 2020, GBI made the following changes to enhance the experience for our Canadian users with the goal of improving Green Globes service, support, features, and benefits:

  • Green Globes v3 Software Access: A bridge was launched to take Canada users to the new Green Globes Software platform that is now used North America-wide. The new platform includes many new features. You’ll now have access to free trials in addition to fully interactive online support tools.
  • Green Globes New Construction (NC) 2013 & 21 and Green Globes Sustainable Interiors (SI) 2014 access: Through the new software, Canada users are now registering new projects using the same rating systems that have been in use in the U.S. This also provides Canadian users access to a plethora of training materials, detailed technical manuals, and other resources including branded recognition to enhance the usability of Green Globes with your teams and clients.
  • Technical and administrative support from GBI staff and contractors: GBI has 17 full-time staff members and more than 30 contractors supporting Green Globes users globally. We can quickly connect you to a project manager to support your existing or new certification project, a chief engineer to answer technical questions, or a Green Globes Assessor to provide interpretation and technical support – just by emailing or engaging in LiveChats with one of our team members.

What else is new?

New pricing and payment policies. New projects being registered will be requested to pay in advance with payment options including credit card, check, or ACH. Prices have increased to $2000 CAD for registration and certification fees have increased as well. This represents the first price increase for Green Globes in more than 10 years and allows GBI to extend marketing, support, and training while continuing to deliver an excellent client experience. 

GBI membership is available globally and starts at just $500 US. Membership includes Green Globes Professional (GGP) credentialing for one or more of your team members. It also provides discounts on Project Registration fees and complimentary demo access to Green Globes online questionnaires. For more information on membership or to join GBI as a member visit the membership page

For more information on any of the items above, please email or contact client support at 503-274-0448 x116. 

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