David Eldridge


A crop farm in western Illinois was the backdrop of David’s youth, and his time in the Boy Scouts first introduced him to ecological concerns. Learning about building loads and system thermodynamics in college changed David’s mind from pursuing a career in making machinery to one that took an engineering approach toward the environment. One summer, he took an internship at a glass laboratory to have fun with the products. “When I found out that the work actually had me run a computer program, I was crestfallen,” David admits. “But it was a huge turning point in my life because I discovered that computer work was something I really enjoyed.” He subsequently obtained a Master’s degree at Oklahoma State University where he used computers to create building models and various loads.

David has been a professional engineer working on analytical projects at Grumman/Butkus Associates in Illinois for the past 17 years. His day-to-day work includes sustainability assessments, benchmarking, energy audits, energy modeling, and other trouble- shooting assessments. David has been a contributor to ASHRAE committees on building energy performance, healthcare facilities, and certification.

In 2000, when the Green Building Initiative sought assessors with laboratory and healthcare experience, David applied. Thanks to his extensive background, he has provided Assessments on complex facilities including casino resorts, hospitals, and laboratories. He appreciates that observation and judgment come into play in Green Globes. “Complex projects rarely have straightforward energy use. I like that Green Globes acknowledges there are ways to achieve savings that don’t necessarily check off a bunch of boxes,” David says. “I like to bring my perspective to each project, and I get great feedback from clients that their assessments are so interactive.”