Mike Bellaman, President & CEO of Associated Builders & Contractors

“ABC is very proud of GBI’s recognition of our efforts to focus on economic, environmental and social sustainability in our new office space. By focusing on these three aspects of sustainability, ABC was able to choose a location that attracts top talent, increases value for our members and lowers the square footage, while incorporating sustainable materials and construction methods. GBI took into account many of these factors during the assessment, and ABC is pleased to have recognition of our efforts.”

“By moving to a more collaborative workplace design, we were able to shave 5,000 square feet off of our space requirements. This allowed us to reach our budget goals and find a location that was better for our employees. Since social, environmental and economic sustainability were really important to us, being within walking distance to mass transportation, to our industry partners’ offices and the Capital allow us to hit all three of those goals.”

“We wanted to bring the outdoor environment inside through daylighting. We wanted to provide a space that was bright with natural light and use materials that didn’t emit poisonous gases, because we want our workers to be happy and productive.”