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What People Are Saying about Green Globes®

Those with first-hand knowledge of Green Globes® and Guiding Principles Compliance are in the best position to evaluate their effectiveness. Here’s what they have to say:

  • At the end of our Green Globes project we have more square footage and we run it for less money than we did before. We achieved our goals and we’re operating as well as predicted, if not better.
    Thomas Taylor, Vice President of Special Projects at Alberici Constructors Inc.
  • Green Globes’ flexible approach is capable of accommodating a broad spectrum of project types. It’s tailorable to our building’s specific format and needs, and offers a more boots-on-the ground approach.
    Joe Berman, Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility at Price Chopper/Market 32
  • Green Globes is completely different philosophically. I didn’t feel like I was being set up to fail. The certification is much more lifecycle based, rather than taking a first-cost approach, and throughout the process it was easy to see that Green Globes is trying to help you succeed.
    Todd Grant, Associate at L2Partridge
  • The assessor was really accessible, which allowed us to have a true dialogue with him. Rather than running the design and evaluation separately, he was able to inform the process.
    Roger Sola-Sole, Partner at OTJ Architects
  • We were very satisfied with both the overall customer service and the user-friendliness of the process. GBI was very responsive, and the assessors were easy to work with.
    Mark Young, AIA at, Rowell Brokaw Architects, PC
  • We decided to pilot our World Headquarters site through the Green Globes assessment process... In addition to being beneficial to Medtronic employees and operating costs, sustainability provides us a competitive opportunity with our customers.
    Nate Pommier, EHS Engineer for Medtronic
  • At Mackenzie, we’ve looked through our client-focused lens – and the Green Globes program makes sense to us. Dozens of our clients are saying "We want you to track LEED but not go through LEED." Our hope with Green Globes is that companies will be willing to certify their buildings again.
    Rich Mitchell, Mackenzie’s President and Managing Principal
  • Pertinent features in the Green Globes program such as no prerequisites, being able to assign 'non-applicable' to certain criterion and receiving partial points on questions make this a dynamic certification program for data centers.
    Dan Prows, Department Manager, Morrison Hershfield
  • Increasing efficiency and environmental awareness is important to Mitsubishi. Green Globes certification offers a way to provide guidance to our customers not only on how to design efficient and environmentally friendly facilities, but also to be recognized for doing so.
    Joe Vaughan, Manager of Application Support and Development at Mitsubishi Electric US Cooling & Heating
  • I submitted responses to an online questionnaire and an assessor walked through the building with me. It was an extremely transparent and painless process. I definitely recommend the process. If you’re looking for ways to reduce your building footprint or wondering where your facility stands on the green spectrum, this process has a lot of merit.
    Bob Gordon Construction Manager at Whole Foods’ Pacific Region
  • I would also like to extend a special thank you to our assessor, Charles, for his excellent suggestions for improvement during our Stage II Assessment. Charles gave us examples on how we can increase the system sustainability in our buildings and showed us the importance of planning life cycle analysis at the start of the preconstruction process. We are looking forward to collaborating on our next project with GBI!
    Corey Torres, Preconstruction Manager at Design-Build Institute of America
  • The online survey tool gave me more control in the process, I could see whether we were on target or not, which gave me a higher confidence level.
    Michael Vaughn ASHRAE Manager of Research and Technical Services
  • The assessor recognized the value of what we did do. That’s huge because it motivates you to go further. It got us asking, ‘Where else can we innovate to get where we need to be?'
    Holly Gardner Vice President at the Schuster Group
  • One of the biggest encumbrances to getting more professionals involved in greening their projects is that if it isn’t easy, it won’t become widespread. Having a knowledgeable assessor to turn to helps people who are learning because they don’t have to interpret every strategy themselves. Hopefully, Green Globes' process will help change the marketplace.
    Holly Gardner Vice President at the Schuster Group
  • I would definitely recommend this process to other universities. It offers a straightforward way for a building to meets performance requirements for certification without being cumbersome and costly.
    Brian Kugler, UNC Charlotte Senior Project Manager in Facilities Management
  • [The Green Globes process] was very easy. There were no complicated templates, just a survey and construction documents and specifications. I divided parts of the survey among the appropriate parties, and it was useful because it encouraged us to talk across disciplines.
    Sara Abrams, Architect at Clark Nexsen
  • We have a responsibility to the taxpayers. We wanted to implement sustainable features that were best suited to the project, and Green Globes let us hone in on the items that were most relevant.
    Brian Kugler, UNC Charlotte Senior Project Manager in Facilities Management
  • We met on a regular basis to factor in sustainability and resilience, then, we worked with our members to see how we could incorporate vinyl products into the formation of a sustainable space. Manufacturers’ donations of flooring, wallcovering, cabling and wiring helped us achieve our Green Globes Sustainable Interiors certification.
    Dick Doyle, President and CEO of The Vinyl Institute
  • During the walkthrough, it was really effective to have a sit-down with our assessor, the contractor, building owner and client to address specific points and engage in a productive dialogue. The final report gave the client things to consider in terms of maintaining their office space, like setting up recycling or instituting environmental policies. Green Globes is a resource for not only designing but occupying your space.
    Roger Sola-Sole, Partner at OTJ Architect
  • We recognized that there were more ways to help our building become green that we hadn’t considered, and we earned additional certification credits in the process. We gained a lot of very good insight – not only how to be a Green Globes building right now, but also on how to progress as our building evolves and ages.
    Joe Vaughan, Manager, Application Support and Development at Mitsubishi Electric US Cooling & Heating
  • We incorporated Green Globes early in the design process, and as we answered the survey questions and received responses an evolution took place. Every time I filled out a questionnaire, the feedback loop helped push us to the next level. I could examine how our project might incorporate the suggested options.
    Todd Grant, Associate at L2Partridge
  • Green Globes achieves the goal of verifying environmental performance and obtaining certification while allowing clients to keep their construction budget funds directed toward sustainable features.
    Daryl Krumsieg, Project Manager with Jensen Architects
  • The Assessor offered a much higher degree of turnaround time as well. He was very specific about what he was looking for so we could manage our workflow and target our efforts effectively. It’s a much more linear way of sharing information.
    Joe Berman, Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility at Price Chopper/Market 32
  • I was often amazed at what the survey covered and the details it went into to ensure we received credit for each environmentally friendly aspect of our building. The Green Globes process was very simple to understand and implement.
    Joe Vaughan, Manager, Application Support and Development at Mitsubishi Electric US Cooling & Heating
  • This was my first experience with Green Globes, and I thought the assessor was very knowledgeable. Green Globes is so much more than a bulleted list of items to check off. I learned there are many opportunities to increase building efficiency.
    Adam Wilson, Project Manager at, Kajima Building & Design Group, Inc