GBI press room: Green Globes Sustainable Interiors Case Study Video

June 29, 2016

Green Globes Sustainable Interiors Case Study Video


Portland, Oregon – Mackenzie’s Vancouver Branch Principal and Director of Interiors, Susan Higbee, announces the release of two new videos: “Sustainable Interiors is a Great New Strategy,” and “Green Globes Sustainable Interiors Certification: A Practical Solution.” The videos detail the importance of sustainable interiors and review the Green Building Initiative’s certification process. Higbee said, “We believe these videos showcase not only aspects of sustainable interior design, but also the benefits of certifying tenant spaces through this program.” Higbee added, “We are thoroughly pleased with the go-to market ease of this rating system as evidenced through our recent certification process for our new space at The Hudson Building.” Clients’ growing expectations that the design of modern buildings and tenant spaces follow sustainable design practices continue promote the evolution of the interior design practice.

Mackenzie designers have an inherent passion to meet and exceed the sustainable requirements of our clients. This goal applies not only in the design of the core-and-shell of a built environment, but in the interior spaces as well. The videos highlight the significance of designing interior environments that people feel welcome in and taken care of. Higbee is enthusiastic about this innovative certification program. “Incorporating design approaches such as introducing reclaimed materials, access to fresh air, natural daylight, and variant occupant control, not only increase energy efficiency and worker satisfaction, but help support the business case for Green Building Initiative’s Green Globes for Sustainable Interiors certification program,” claimed Higbee.

Mackenzie’s tenant space in The Hudson Building in Vancouver, Washington is one of only two spaces in the United States that has received a 4-Green Globe certification for Sustainable Interiors—the highest Green Globe rating a project can receive. As a Green Globes Professional and acting board member for the Green Building Initiative, Mackenzie’s Managing Principal, Rich Mitchell, strongly advocates the use of the Green Building Initiative certification programs. “The Green Building Initiative is a front runner in providing a sustainable interiors certification program by improving the user friendliness, cost effectiveness, speed to market, and by tailoring each certification to the scope of the project,” Mitchell said. “Mackenzie’s principles are grounded in environmentally-conscious design that is also economically sustainable, and the Green Building Initiative’s Sustainable Interiors certification aligns seamlessly with Mackenzie’s ‘design driven, client focused’ philosophy.” Mitchell would like to thank all spokespersons involved in The Hudson Building project from Glumac, Killian Pacific, and Turner Construction. Mitchell would also like to thank Big Brand Stories for their production of “Sustainable Interiors is a Great New Strategy” and “Green Globes Sustainable Interiors Certification: A Practical Solution.”

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