GBI press room: Green Building Initiative Reseats ANSI Consensus Body to Update Green Globes

November 26, 2019

Green Building Initiative Reseats ANSI Consensus Body to Update Green Globes


November 27, 2019


Vicki Worden, GBI President & CEO, 202.841.2999,

Green Building Initiative Reseats ANSI Consensus Body to Update Green Globes

GBI’s “continuous maintenance” process will further revise and update ANSI/GBI 01-2019: Green Globes Assessment Protocol for Commercial Buildings approved by ANSI in April 2019
Portland, Ore. – The Green Building Initiative (GBI) announced today that it has reseated a Consensus Body (CB) for its American National Standards Institute (ANSI)-approved consensus process that will further revise and update ANSI-GBI 01-2019: Green Globes® Assessment Protocol for Commercial Buildings , which was formally approved by ANSI as a consensus document at the end of April.
According to Jay Thomas of Decision Driven Marketing, a past chair of the board of GBI and the current chair of GBI’s Standards Committee, “We were fortunate to receive applications from highly qualified individuals for each of the interest categories. While this announcement creates the initial body, we’ll continue to evaluate balance of expertise throughout the process and encourage those interested to submit an application and also indicate their interest in participating in Subcommittees and Task Groups that will be forming soon.”
ANSI/GBI 01-2019: Green Globes Assessment Protocol for Commercial Buildings, commonly called Green Globes for New Construction (NC) 2019, is undergoing continuous maintenance review, which will take place over a two-year period with the intention of publishing an updated standard in spring of 2021. The schedule for continuous maintenance can be found on the GBI website at GBI’s Standards Committee is a body comprised of six GBI members and independent stakeholders that are appointed to oversee GBI’s consensus processes, including forming consensus bodies and addressing issues of due process.
The initial individuals selected to serve as consensus body members for ANSI/GBI 01-2019 are:
  • Gregg Bergmiller, The S/L/A/M Collaborative
  • Allan Bilka, International Code Council
  • Benjamin Bojda, Dominion Environmental Consultants NV, Inc
  • Jeff Bradley, American Wood Council
  • Karen Butler, US Environmental Protection Agency
  • Virgil Campaneria, Gurri Matute PA
  • Michael Cudahy, PPFA - PPEF
  • Chris Dixon, Morrison Hershfield
  • David Eldridge, Grumman/Butkus Associates
  • Josh Jacobs, UL
  • Luke Johnson, American Institute of Steel Construction
  • Gary B. Keclik, Keclik Associates Ltd.
  • Charles Kibert, University of Florida
  • Michael Lehman, ConTech Lighting
  • Tim Miller, Sidock Group Inc.
  • James O'Brien, Independent Environmental Consultant
  • Jane Rohde, JSR Associates, Inc.
  • Kirk Sander, National Waste and Recycling Association
  • Gord Shymko, G. F. Shymko & Associates Inc.
  • Stephen Szoke, American Concrete Institute
  • Angela Tin, American Lung Association
  • Doug Tucker, Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc.
Members of the Consensus Body are classified into one of three interest categories: User, Producer, or General Interest. Participants are subject matter experts, such as academics and public health representatives; architects; engineers; consultants; product manufacturers; and other organizations and individuals with expertise in high performance buildings. Parties seated on this consensus body will review and vote on proposals for changes to the Standard, which can be submitted at any time using forms available on the GBI website and are considered according to the aforementioned schedule and GBI’s ANSI-approved consensus procedures.
Vicki Worden, president and CEO of GBI, added, “We look forward to receiving input from national experts to ensure that the next updates to Green Globes continue to reflect the latest science and research, baselines, and market advancements. We are pleased to be maintaining the Standard under ANSI’s Continuous Maintenance process, with updates to occur every two years, to ensure Green Globes continues to be on the leading-edge of green building performance issues.”
Green Globes references hundreds of other consensus documents that are periodically revised, and for this reason, using continuous maintenance will ensure the system changes as needed and through an ANSI approved process for regular updates. Additionally, GBI will soon announce the formation of Subcommittees and Task Groups, which Thomas states, “…will be tasked with reviewing proposals for changes to specific criteria in ANSI/GBI 01-2019, a new construction and major renovations focused document, as well as corresponding criteria in GBI’s soon to be released pilot of Green Globes 2019 for Existing Buildings.”
The current Standard; Consensus Body Roster; Consensus Body, Subcommittee, and Task Group applications; and form for submitting proposals for change/public comments can be found at The schedule for review of proposals is also published on the website.

About GBI
GBI is a nonprofit organization and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Standards Developer dedicated to accelerating the adoption of green building best practices. Founded in 2004, the organization is the global provider of the Green Globes® and federal Guiding Principles Compliance building certification and assessment programs. To learn more about opportunities to become involved with GBI, contact or visit the GBI website at