GBI press room: GBI Celebrates 16 Years of Contributions

August 5, 2020

GBI Celebrates 16 Years of Contributions

GBI has grown up substantially since its founding in 2004. Check out these advancements:

GBI’s community is 20,000 plus and growing.

  • Membership is comprised of organizations and individuals. Organizational membership starts at $500 and includes professional credential training and renewals as well as discounts on project registration.
  • All contributors are recognized on GBI's Member Directory.

GBI delivers innovative tools to support all building types and teams in incorporating sustainable, healthy, and resilient practices into their building projects.

GBI retains a strong commitment to transparency.

    GBI bylaws were rewritten in 2017 and have updated regularly. Membership has been redefined and broadened to be more inclusive. The Bylaws are available here.

  • Green Globes NC is developed through open, balanced, third-party audited ANSI-approved consensus process. Consensus procedures recently updated and available here. GBI’s Existing Buildings rating system will proceed through its own ANSI consensus process starting end of this year.
  • ANSI/GBI 01-2019 consensus standards available for free here.
  • 100% of technical manuals available for FREE here.

GBI is recruiting future leaders that can help develop an incremental global expansion strategy.

  • Nominations are being accepted for seats on GBI’s eight organizational committees (Executive, Finance, Membership, Nominations & Governance, Education & Promotion, Tool Development, and Government Engagement.) Nominate yourself or other future leaders by emailing

The GBI leadership is engaged in a 10-year visioning process. Please share your insights directly with Vicki Worden, GBI President & CEO, via email at